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Christmas Chocolate Bark!

Christmas Chocolate Bark!

We all love a sweet treat at Christmas time, especially if it’s festive themed!

It fills us all with joy and happiness, and we’re here to share one of our favourite recipes with you. It’s quick, easy and really fun for families to make together. We love creating snowman and reindeer designs on our Christmas chocolate bark, why not wrap up the finishing product in some fancy cellophane and give them as little handmade gifts! A thoughtful gift for a friend with a sweet tooth, or the wonderful teacher your child loves.


100g milk chocolate

100g dark chocolate

Red smarties

10 mini snack salted pretzels

22 mini white marshmallows

Red jelly shoelaces

Sprinkles and stars

Black food writing pen

Make your masterpiece:

First off turn your radio on or get some Christmas classics going! Line a rectangular baking tray with baking paper and set aside. Gently warm both chocolates in separate bowls, you can do this by popping them into a microwave for 30 seconds at a time, ensure you’re stirring the chocolate to get all the lumps out.

Pour the dark chocolate into the baking tray first, followed by the milk chocolate on top. Give the tray a gentle shake to even out the chocolate so the slab is quite thick. Let the chocolate start to set for a few minutes before creating your designs so they don’t float around.

To create your reindeer bark we’re going to pop some red smarties around your chocolate, then cut a mini marshmallow in half. Press both halves above your smarties to create your reindeer’s eyes, then snap one of your mini pretzels in half to create your antlers, stick these above your reindeer's eyes any excess push into the chocolate under the nose, this is a nice little crunchy surprise!

If you want snowmen bark arrange marshmallows in a row of three around your chocolate, snap off bits of pretzels for your snowman's arms! Cut up a small bit of your red jelly shoelace to sick on as your snowman scarf, finally add some stars and sprinkles to create your festive treat. Pop any of your creations in the fridge until fully set, take out and use a black food pen or black icing to draw eyes on your marshmallows. Use a sharp knife and cut the bark into pieces.

Make sure you tag us in your creations on social media!

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