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Drop Snowing Snowfall/Meteor Shower Tube with 150-LED, 50 cm - Blue, Set of 5

SKU WRC-7249

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These striking snowfall/meteor shower tubes are designed to be hung in a tree or fence outside your home and at night they give off a spectacular effect, this set features five 50 cm tubes with 30 LED's per tube

There's a long 6 m lead wire to the first tube and there's 1 m of cable between tubes to give you 5 m of lights

Individually controlled by the separate circuit boards too so they drop at different intervals

Each tube is fully waterproof, the transformer must be mounted indoors or in a weatherproof socket/container

Tube spacing 100 cm, tube size: 50 cm, diameter: 1.2 cm

The double sided meteor tubes produce an unbelievable effect especially when hung in a tree in your garden. These tubes are individually controlled by their own circuit boards. They come with a long lead wire and plenty of cable between each one so you can really space them out. The effect that they produce is elegant, these will certainly create an explosion of light that will really dazzle.