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Chasing Shooting Star Rope Lights Silhouette Christmas Decoration - 92 cm, Multi Colour



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Our shooting star ropelight silhouette is a great way to decorate your house this Christmas

There are 3 brightly coloured stars with a chasing effect and a total of 10m of ropelight used in this silhouette

It comes on a robust frame to make mounting the silhouette simple and quick to install

Mains Voltage Plug must be mounted indoors or in a waterproof socket. Lead wire length 1.5m

Size: 43 x 92cm (17 x 36 inches)

This chasing effect silhouette features 3 brightly coloured shooting stars. It slowly changes between the tree stars to provide a shooting star effect. In total there is 10m of rope light with 24 leds every metre. It is illuminated with multi colour rope light. It comes with a mains voltage BS plug and a 1.5m lead wire to the silhouette. If you are using this outside, please ensure the plug is mounted indoors or in a waterproof socket.