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520 LED Christmas Tree Lights String with 41 m Cable and Chasing/ Static Settings, Multi-Colour

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Our premium range 520 Chasing Multi colour led's are a fantastic set of lights for your tree and can be used indoors or outside

This set has a mixture of Red, Green, Blue and Yellow led's which are 7cm apart giving a overall length of 36.4m of illuminated cable

There's an inline controller where you can change functions situated 1m from the transformer and 4m from the start of the lights

Can be used indoors or out provided the transformer is mounted inside or in a weatherproof socket

Total Overall length including lead wire 41.4m - cable colour green

This fantastic set of 520 Multi coloured LED lights are a great way to illuminate your tree or house and can be used indoors or out. There's an inline controller to change the various functions too which is situated 1m from the transformer. The Red, Green, Blue and Yellow led's produce a beautiful effect and are spaced at 7cm apart giving you a long 36.4m run of lights. The indoor transformer lowers the voltage meaning they are safe for outdoor use and won't cost a fortune to run.