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480 Five Colour LED Multi-Function Cluster Curtain Light, 4 m x 80 cm - Multi-Colour

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SKU WRC-4096
Striking set of 480 multi-coloured led cluster curtain light, arranged over 5 drops of 96 LEDs spaced over a 4 m diameter, each drop has a mixture of red, green, blue, white and warm white to create a striking visual effect

Comes complete with multi-function controller with a wide variety of settings including overlaying, snowing and chasing

The inline controller is 1 m from the transformer and 9 m from the start of the lights

Suitable for indoors or out provided the transformer is mounted inside or in a weather-proof socket

Size 4 m x 80 cm - cable colour green

Designed for WeRChristmas

This set of 480 multi-colour LED cluster curtain light will produce a visual display. There are five sets of 80 cm drops which span 4 m across. Each drop is illuminated by 96 LEDs which and are individual colour strands of either red, blue, green, white or warm white. It comes with an inline controller allowing you to change the functions between 6 varieties. The controller is sited 1 m from the transformer and 9 m from the start of the lighting chain. This cluster light string is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. If you are using this outdoors, please ensure the transformer is mounted indoors or in a waterproof container.