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360 LED Snowing Icicle Christmas Lights String with 19m Cable in Blue and White

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SKU WRC-2249
360 Blue and White Chasing led icicle lights in an arrangement of 3/7/4/6 lights per string which is repeated across the chain

It comes complete with controller to adjust the lighting effects too and the strings are spaced 15cm apart

There's an extra long 10m lead wire too from the transformer and the controller is situated 2m away from the transformer

BS Indoor transformer means these can be used outside if you wish as long as the plug is mounted inside

Light chain length 8.8m - Overall length inc lead wire 18.8m - Cable colour White.

This fantastic icicle light chain comes with a total of 360 Blue and White chasing led's on it to produce a really eye-catching effect. It has an inline controller situated near the indoor transformer and 4 different lengths of drop. As these will probably be used outside we've given it an extra long 10m lead wire so it will be easy to decorate a tree or along the guttering plus there's 8.8m of light chain too.