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160 Blue White LED Chasing Circular Web Window Curtain Net Christmas Lights 70cm



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Our 160 blue and white led chasing net light is capable of producing some stunning effects and can be used on walls to look a bit like a giant spider web or placed over a bush which is easy due to its circular design

It comes complete with controller and has a wide variety of stunning effects

It comes with a long 5m lead wire and transparent cable. The controller is situated 2m from the transformer and 3m from the lights

BS Indoor transformer means these can be used outside if you wish as long as the plug is mounted inside

Size: Diameter 70cm - Cable colour Transparent.

This stunning net light looks just like a spiders web if mounted on a wall but it's much more fun than that. It's illuminated with 160 Blue and White led's and it's great for decorating bushes too as it's circular finish means it fits over them simply and easily. It comes with a long 5m lead with inline controller to vary the light effects. The net is 70cm in Diameter.