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15 cm Drop 100 LED Snowing Snowfall/ Meteor Shower Tube LED Light, Set of 10, Blue



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This set of Ten 15cm Meteor shower tubes have 10 leds per tube and are double sided too.

There's a long 10m lead wire to the first tube and 0.5m of cable between tubes to help you spread them out to give the maximum effect.

Each tube has a 1.5cm Diameter and is fully waterproof. Their individually controlled so they drop at different intervals.

The transformer must be mounted inside or in a waterproof socket.

Size: Length 15cm (6inches )

Our double sided meteor tubes produce an unbelievable effect especially when hung in a tree either inside or out. These 15cm tubes each contain 10 led's and are individually controlled by their own circuit boards. They come with a long 10m lead and there's 0.5m cable between each one so you can really space them out. The effect that they produce is absolutely stunning and would look fantastic on your Christmas tree.