The Ultimate Guide To Setting up Your Christmas Tree

The Ultimate Guide To Setting up Your Christmas Tree

For many families, setting up their Christmas trees is one of the most cherished Christmas traditions. Your Christmas tree is the centrepiece of all decorations. It is the focal point of the celebration and the item the entire family is looking forward to seeing. It is that important to spend extra time and attention during assembly to make it perfect and we’re going to show you how to bring your Christmas tree into your homes and hearts.


Select the Perfect Location

Your tree is your home’s centrepiece, so consider a location where everybody can see and admire it. Ensure you position your tree near an electrical outlet so you can easily plug in your lights.

Make sure that the space designated for your tree does not block the natural path people take. This will prevent accidents and will keep your tree and ornaments safe from damage.

Don’t place your tree near the fireplace, or any heat source as it is a fire hazard and could cause damage.

Before going into the step-by-step processes involved in tree setup and fluffing, it is important to remember a few practical tips that will help you assemble a beautiful Christmas tree.

Be organized - Unbox your artificial Christmas tree near the location where you intend to set it up. Take note of all parts and accessories you take out from the box to avoid losing them.

Secure Stand - Although not directly a design element, the stand is the very foundation of a Christmas tree. Make sure that the stand is secure, folded out right and not wobbling to avoid the risk of the tree toppling over.

Patience - Assemble each section carefully & take your time fluffing to create a stunning realistic tree.

Assembling the Tree

Most artificial Christmas trees like ours come with hinged branches that are pre-attached to the centre pole. Hinged branches make setup easier since they no longer require you to attach individual branches to the trunk.

Most trees of this type come in four parts, the base or tree stand, the tree’s bottom section, a middle section, and the treetop. To set up a standard tree with hinged branches, follow these steps:


  1. Prepare the base. Most tree bases fold out into an “X,” which makes up four legs. Check to ensure that the stand is stable.
  2. Insert the bottom section of the tree and open the hinged branches.
  3. Test the lights to see if they are connected properly and distributed evenly. To achieve an elegant and realistic look for your Christmas tree, it’s a good idea to shape and fluff its foliage at this point. Since different trees have varying shapes and forms, this process allows your artificial tree to take on the appearance of its live tree inspiration. It involves spreading out the branches of the tree either upward or downward starting from the innermost parts to the very tips. Fluffing your Christmas tree also makes its branches more suitable for ornamentation.
  4. Insert the middle section of the tree and open its branches ensure the section is locked into place. Test your lights for this section are working and fluff the branches before proceeding to the next step. Work your way up, beginning from the bottom of the tree.
  5. Finally, fit the treetop, again test the lights for this section. finish by manually shaping and fluffing the branches, working your way up from the bottom of the tree.

Once you are done with the setup, it’s time to expose the lovely nature of your tree’s foliage through fluffing. Fluffing, or shaping, fans out the branches creating a realistic look. Follow these points to shape your Christmas centrepiece like a professional!


  • Wear gloves to protect your hands and to allow them to glide smoothly in between the branches.
  • Carefully separate individual tips so they fan out from the trunk. Start with the inner branches, working outward to the tips. Work your way up, starting from the bottom of the tree.
  • Ensure that offshoots are angled differently to give the tree a dense appearance. You can bend the branches to your desired shape.
  • Focus on each section, ensuring that they are fluffed accordingly before moving to the next one.
  • After fluffing the top section, check over your tree for gaps in the branches. Scrutinize the tree carefully and make final branch adjustments if necessary.

Decorating your Christmas Tree

Decide on the overall colour scheme that you would like to use for your tree decorations. The colour scheme you select should complement the room the tree is going in. Choose some non-traditional decorations available this year to give your Christmas tree an updated designer look. We have created a fantastic range of festive themes for this year. See our 2017 Christmas Themes for more inspiration on what colour scheme to use.

If your Christmas tree doesn’t come pre-lit you can add your own lights. We stock a range of warm white, bright white and multi coloured lights perfect for any sized tree. Make sure you put your lights on evenly around your tree. String them in towards the trunk and out towards the tip, not just around the outside. 100 lights per foot is what is suggested by most professionals. If you have a pre-lit tree, feel free to add more lights. You could also use multifunction lights if you want a twinkling or flashing effect for your tree.

For a designer look for your Christmas tree, add greenery stems of different shapes and colours to your tree. You can use a stem that looks like a flocked evergreen branch, one that looks like an evergreen branch with berries, and another that is a cluster of glittered branches. If you have an artificial tree you could consider adding in a few branches of a real evergreen tree to fill in any little holes, give additional texture and it also adds a hint of evergreen fragrance to your room.  

There are many ways to add garland or ribbon to your tree. One option is to add the garlands or ribbon running from the top to the bottom, tucking the garland or ribbon into the tree about every 2 foot. Another option is to run garlands or ribbon in a circle around the outside of the tree or just around the trunk.

Next, decorate your Christmas tree in the colour scheme you have chosen. A professional trend is to use some Christmas decorations that are slightly oversized especially if your tree is 7 foot or taller. Multi-pack Christmas decorations also work great because they are usually less expensive. You can also use natural elements to decorate you Christmas tree such as pine cones, grapevine, feathers, and artificial decorations like birds or butterflies. For another designer touch, get 5 to 7 different focal point decorations that are extremely oversized and will be the first thing people notice when looking at your Christmas tree.

Start by putting your generic decorations on the tree towards the middle, then put your unique ones towards the outside. Larger generic decorations should go towards the bottom and the smaller ones towards the top. If you are using multiple colours, start by putting one colour on the tree at a time and ensure that each colour is equally distributed throughout the tree. For added glitz, consider getting a few rotators to show off your most beautiful decorations. You can also decorate your tree with memorable family pieces like a decoration your child made in school, or a sentimental Christmas decoration for loved ones. Christmas trees should be filled with memories, so one idea is to purchase a new decoration each year for your Christmas tree to remind you of something special. You could use a small ornament photo frame with a photo of your children or loved ones with Santa.  

A tree topper finishes off the Christmas tree decorations. The tree topper could be a traditional star, Santa, a fancy designer bow, an angel, or anything else that will top off your tree. A current trend is to create a large clump of about 5-10 floral picks to be used as a tree topper, or an oversized bow.
Also colour coordinate your Christmas gift wrap to your Christmas tree's colour scheme

When all the fun and festivities are over think about how to store your tree… to avoid having to worry about dust and dirt covering your Christmas tree during storage, try storing it in a Christmas tree storage bag instead of its original box. These storage bags are specially designed to keep your artificial Christmas tree dirt and dust-free while kept away. They also help preserve the quality of your tree for more years to come.