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7 Star Motif LED Rope Lights Silhouette, 300 cm - Large, Multi-Colour

SKU WRC-6017

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This wonderful rope light silhouette features seven stars each star has a hook for easy mounting

The rope light is static and multi-coloured

An ideal way to decorate the outside of your house at Christmas and makes for a wonderful welcome for your guests

1.5 m lead wire from the silhouette to the mains voltage plug, plug must be mounted indoors or in a waterproof socket

Size: 300 x 50 cm

This durable, well made Rope Light Silhouette features 7 multi-coloured stars. It's an ideal way to decorate your house during the holiday period and can be hung around your gutter or windowsills. Each star comes with a plastic hook so you can place this on any wall or ledge. The rope light between the stars is flexible so you can use this around corners or curve it. This rope light is suitable for outdoor use and comes with a 1.5 m lead wire. For outdoor use, the lead wire must be mounted inside or in a waterproof socket.