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Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration, 90 cm - Regular, Blue

SKU WRC-7516

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This is a wonderful way to decorate the base of your tree and hide any unsightly pots or stands

This one comes in a festive blue and white finish and features a group of snowmen dancing in the snow around the christmas tree

There are some lovely gold stars on the skirt with silver snowflakes

It has a white edging with a stiched effect making it a great way to complement the base of your tree

Size 90cm (35 Inches)

This Blue tree skirt has been handmade and designed to complement any Christmas Tree. It features intricate detail and has been created using high quality materials. This Skirt features a group of snowmen dancing in the snow. This Skirt has a 90 cm diameter meaning it is ideal for trees up to 6 ft. This Tree Skirt has been handmade with a great attention to detail. It features very intricate detailing throughout including the illustrations and edges of the skirt. Soft fabric has been used to create this skirt making it a fantastic way to cover your base. It has a thick string of red fabric allowing you to tie a knot to keep this together for easy set up. Thanks to the size of this skirt, it will cover the base of your tree completely and can also be used as a beautiful background to place your floor decorations and presents. This Skirt is also very easy to clean and provides a useful way to catch anything that may fall from your tree.