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DIY Autumn Wreath

DIY Autumn Wreath

Who doesn’t love a good Wreath?

And who says that they can only be used at Christmas time? Not us! Here at WeRChristmas HQ we love wreaths and we’re even partial to making some of our own for the different season. With Autumn fast approaching we think we’ve got the perfect Wreath for you to recreate.

What you will need –

1 x Wreath frame (you can choose your own size)

1 x Pack of Dried Cinnamon sticks

1 x Pack of Red Apple Slices

1 x Pack of Mini Berries (Red or Orange)

1 x Pack of Orange slices

3 x Packs of mixed Autumn leaves

1 x Glue gun

1 x Orange ribbon (approximately 50 cm also optional)

All of this can be found on eBay or at your local craft store!

Directions –

Step 1: Place your Wreath frame on a flat surface and turn on your glue gun

Step 2: Thread your ribbon through the frame and tie (this is so you can hang it if you want to)

Step 3: Lay out your decorations

Step 4: Using your Autumn leaves and your glue gun, start gluing down a bottom layer of leaves alternating the colours

Step 5: Using more leaves, build the on the Wreath until the frame isn’t visible

Step 6: Using your decorations (Apples, Berries, Cinnamon and Oranges) intertwine them and stick them where there are any gaps and where you feel they will look best

Step 7: Leave your Wreath to dry

Step 8: Hang your Wreath in your home and don’t forget to send us a picture!  

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