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Kitchen Christmas Décor inspiration!

Kitchen Christmas Décor inspiration!

When the chef of your house is slaving away over a hot stove making the Christmas dinner there’s nothing better than having a festive kitchen to keep them in the spirit.

 The kitchen serves us year after year and is often forgotten about when the festive period comes along, our mission is to put a stop to it! Don’t be alarmed we won’t have any pine needles being dropped in your gravy, or turkey juices splashed on your favourite ornaments. We’ve come up with the perfect décor designs to give your Christmas a festive makeover.

Lets get creative!

Make your own large wreath and hang it from your ceiling! Use an old wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle shape, wrap around one of our thick luxurious garlands, use a thin string to ensure it stays tied to your wire. Before you secure the circle completely add some of our twinkling fairy lights and baubles to give it that extra festive feel. Secure the two ends of the wire with some thick sellotape and fluff up your garland to cover it. Get some thick ribbon in your chosen colour scheme and loop 4/5 strands around and tie them to secure the loop. Add a sticky back plastic hook to your ceiling and pop it on. They create a magical look and feel to your kitchen.

Wreaths are usually just put on a front door, why not add some of our premade wreaths to the inside of your home, hang them on doors and walls, they’re the perfect festive accessory for adding a splash of Christmas cheer!

Incorporate Christmas storage into your kitchen, Christmas themed dishes and storage containers really brighten up your room. Star shaped bowls and candy cane striped mugs are a firm favourite of ours.

Little Christmas ornaments are great to add to a shelf or windowsill. We have a fantastic range of snow globes that would look perfectly placed next to a potted poinsettia on a windowsill.

If you have the luxury of having a large open plan kitchen and dining room then why not go bold and add another tree in the mix! Place your tree next to your dining table to be admired at meal times, you could even decorate it with your kitchen colours to complement your homes all year round décor.

Add fairy lights round your window or on top of your kitchen cabinets for a twinkly Christmas feel.

Make sure to snap your Christmas kitchen creations and tag us on social media for the chance to be featured on our social pages.

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