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Slow Cooker Christmas Drinks

Slow Cooker Christmas Drinks

When the festive season comes around everyone loves a cosy get-together with delicious snacks and warm boozy drinks.

Here we’ve put together our top 3 favourite slow cooker drink recipes. No host wants the stress of ensuring everyone has a drink, especially when mulled wine and hot chocolate are at the top of peoples lists. It’s time to get your slow cooker out and make some of these delicious drinks, perfect for popping on a coffee table and creating a drink station so your guests can help themselves.

Hot Chocolate

Our slow cooker recipe for hot chocolate is so sweet and creamy it’s sure to be a hit with all your guests, perfect for those who are driving or the little ones at your get together.

Turn your slow cooker on high then add your single cream, Nutella, drinking chocolate powder and milk ensuring you give it a good stir. Leave to heat up for 2 hours before serving. After 2 hours keep your slow cooker on the warm setting and everyone can help themselves. Using glass mason jars is one of our favourite ways to serve this drink, spread Nutella round the rim of your glass and press sprinkles into it. Use a ladle to spoon in your hot steamy drink, top with squirty cream and sprinkles.

Shopping List:

Small Tub of Single Cream

2 large dollops of Nutella

200g Drinking Chocolate Powder

4 pints of Milk

Mini Marshmallows

Multi coloured Sprinkles

Squirty Cream


Mulled Wine

Mulled wine made in the slow cooker gives an even heat and doesn’t boil the liquid, this leaves it tasting full of flavour and fresh. Keep it heated all evening for everyone to enjoy, drink and be merry. The festive aromas will fill the air leaving your home smelling amazing. Turn on your slow cooker and put in all the ingredients apart from your orange slices. Make sure you stir all the ingredients and leave to heat for 2 hours. Once heated pop your slow cooker on it’s “warm” mode to keep it hot throughout your evening. Add a slice of orange to drink when spooning it into your mug or glass.

Shopping List:

2 x 750ml bottles red wine.

100ml Cointreau

150g golden caster sugar

3 Star anise

4 Cloves

Slices of orange

Peeled zest and juice of 2 large oranges

Zest of lemon

Spicy Cranberry Cider

This super sweet festive cider is a favourite here at WeRChristmas HQ. Cider isn’t just for those hot summer days, it’s so delicious with a festive twist. Add all the ingredients into your slow cooker and stir, leave to cook for 2 hours before serving. Ladle into mugs and garnish with a cinnamon stick per mug. For an extra boozy twist add a shot of dark rum to each mug.

Shopping List

1.5l of Cranberry Juice

1l of Apple Cider

1 Cup of cranberries

3 tbsp of brown sugar

4 Cinnamon sticks (Additional 1 per person)

1 tbsp cloves


Make sure to tag us on social media in your slow cooker drink creations!

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